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The Mushroom Compendium

Cards / ISBN-13: 9781399620864

Price: £16.99

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Unearth the scientific, cultural and fantastical properties of mushrooms. Fungi are the foundation upon which a healthy ecosystem is based; they’re essential to the growth and success of our planet and yet many people barely know a porcini from a portobello, or a chestnut from a shiitake – and that’s just the edible ones.

With these 50 reference cards and accompanying poster, explore the world of mushrooms beyond what’s in your kitchen – from a ballerina waxcap and barbie pagodas to a snowy disco and stinkhorns – and discover the incredible diversity of their roles in ecosystems around the world.

Different varieties and the habitats in which mushrooms thrive are everywhere across the globe, and the importance of these organisms shouldn’t be understated. From providing fundamental enzymes in food production and the creation of modern medicines, to traditional healing and cultural uses of hallucinogenic fungi, mushrooms are a vital part of the natural world that many know relatively little about.

This deck celebrates their beauty, complexity and significance, and gives an insight into this fascinating kingdom of fungi.

50 ILLUSTRATED CARDS profiling 50 varieties of mushrooms from around the globe, accompanied by a detailed poster.

INTRIGUING ILLUSTRATIONS showcasing the incredible diversity of mushrooms by East London illustrator Alice Pattullo.

EXPERT AUTHORS: text by the curators at Kew Garden’s Fungarium.

THE PERFECT GIFT for nature lovers, this deck brings together fascinating information and stylish illustrations in one package.

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