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Who Am I? Movies - A Card Deck

Cards / ISBN-13: 9780753735534

Price: £12.99

Are you a self-proclaimed film fanatic? Can you guess which actor has a God-like voice? How’s your Arnie impression?

Who am I? Movies is a big screen version of the classic guessing game. Choose a name card at random from the deck and set it on the stand facing the other players, but don’t peek!

The aim of the game is for you to deduce who you are by asking no more than 10 questions to your fellow players, to which they can only answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The other players have a booklet of profiles on 50 of film’s all-time stars to help them answer your clever questions.

With impression prompts, quick-fire clues, and alternative game-play suggestions, this is great fun for 2 or more players.

Who am I? Movies contains 50 name cards, a foldable stand and a 64-page booklet featuring profiles of 50 movie icons.