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The Little Book of Shadow Work

Hardcover / ISBN-13: 9781841815886

Price: £8.99

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Transform your life through shadow work

Shadow work involves delving into your subconscious to meet and heal your ‘shadow self’ – the ‘darker side’ of your personality. This often includes aspects of your self that you have repressed out of fear and shame because they do not conform to the environment around you. However, the memories we repress do not simply go away. Our emotional reactions and behaviour in the present day are often influenced by past experiences. For example, if you are often quick to become frustrated, angry or defensive, then this may be a sign that you need to address your shadow side.

With clear explanations, simple exercises and journal prompts, this pocket-sized guide is the perfect book to help you address, accept and overcome your shadow. You will find that shadow work helps you:

– Become more self-aware, and better understand your emotions, insecurities and triggers
– Gain self-confidence and self-acceptance
– Form healthier and more communicative relationships with others
– Approach yourself and others with more compassion
– Remove creative blocks

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